Come join us in our fun packed centre full of arcade games and teddy bear machines.

Win loads of prize tickets to redeem for great instant-win prizes from our packed prize cabinets!

How to play for prizes

1. Pick your favourite game with tickets up for grabs!
All of our machines are clearly labelled with how many tickets you can win, so you can go straight for the jackpot. Make sure you know how many tickets you need to claim the prize you want from our prize-packed counter.

2. Collect as many tickets as you can!
The more you win, the bigger the prize you’ll go home with. If you don’t win enough during your visit, don’t worry. Simply feed your tickets into the ticket eater and swap them for a ticket receipt to keep safe for next time.

3. Don’t forget, the more tickets you collect, the bigger the prize!
Once you’ve collected all the tickets you can, just feed them into the ticket eater and get ready to trade your ticket receipt for a lovely big, shiny prize of your choice.